Councils, Summits, and Courts

Council, Summits, and Courts at JHUMUNC are small committees (usually around 25 delegates) that simulate less traditional bodies than the General Assembly or ECOSOC. Although some of them, such as the Security Council, actually are found within the United Nations, others are completely unconnected to the UN and/or are specially created for JHUMUNC. Due to their small size, each delegate will play a crucial role in the actions of his or her committee. We work hard to pick fresh, exciting new committees for JHUMUNC, and we are thrilled to see the work delegates will accomplish within them!

Advisory Panel to the Security Council: Chair - Agni Bhattacharya

United Nations Security Council: Chair - Rosellen Grant

Iranian Hostage Crisis: Chair - Bernard Sarmiento

European Union: Chair - Jahan Mirchandani

Historical Security Council: Tiananmen Square 1989: Chair - Lindsey Sanborn

US Financial Crisis Cabinet 2008: Chair - Eric Ong

The International Criminal Court: Chair - Stephanie Lopez

African NGO Forum: Chair - Callie Plapinger

Boxer Rebellion: Chair - Lucas Shin