Economic and Social Council

The committees of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) are responsible for the coordination of the economic and social work of the United Nations. As such, the many committees of ECOSOC tackle an incredible range of subjects, from international labor standards to intellectual property. To compliment some of the more traditional ECOSOC committees, JHUMUNC is proud to present a host of more creative ECOSOC offerings that are sure for make for a unique experience.

Committee on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 2002: Chair - Edan Morales

World Health Organization: Chair - Ivana Gutierrez

FIFA Congress: Chair - Stephan Capriles

UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund (Novice Committee): Chair - Stephen Witkiewicz

Paris Peace Conference 1946: Chair - Dylan Cowit

World Trade Organization: Chair - Max Roberts

Food and Agriculture Organization: Chair - Neha Kulkarni

Commission on Sustainable Devlopment: Chair - Athie Livas