Joint Crisis Committees

Joint Crisis Committees are committees where two or more related bodies have the opportunity to interact with one another, furthering debate and keeping tension and excitement high throughout the conference. The committees meet in separate rooms and their interaction is made possible by crisis staff who work to move information between the different groups. Both the double JCC and the "Quadrumvirate" which is made of of four interrelated committees, provide excellent opportunities for students to actively engage in debate (committees are capped at 20 delegates), plot with or against other committees, deal effectively with crises, and of course, have a lot of fun.

Joint Crisis Committee: Syrian Government: Chair - Mira Haqqani

Quadrumvirate: 12th-Century Japan: Sōhei: Chair - Rachel Demma

Quadrumvirate: 12th-Century Japan: Fujiwara: Chair - Annie Rhee

Quadrumvirate: 12th-Century Japan: Taira: Chair - Angela Roller

Quadrumvirate: 12th-Century Japan: Minamoto: Chair - Kenko Ueyama

Joint Crisis Committee: Syrian National Coalition: Chair - Sonal Chatter