Conference Policies and Security

Payment and Refund Policies

Please see our Fees and Payment Policies section of the website.


Each delegation must have at least one advisor accompany them to the conference. There is no Advisor Fee for JHUMUNC!

Country Assignments

Country, position, and committee assignments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis for newly registered schools whose checks have been received.

In order to ensure your preferences are considered at the time of registration, make sure that you have submitted your preferences via the online form that can be found in your account. For more information on how to access the online preference form, please see the F.A.Q. section of our website. These preferences will be taken into consideration when making decisions on country assignments. Please keep your preferences realistic; for instance, please do not request all five permanent members of the Security Council as your five country preferences.

That said, the JHUMUNC Undersecretaries-General of School Relations do everything to make sure that country, position, and committee assignments are given out in the fairest way possible. Our staff would also like to remind you that representing a country with great influence among members of the international community at JHUMUNC does not translate into automatic success within the committee room. Rather, delegates who come to JHUMUNC well prepared and debate according to their utmost ability, regardless of the country, ministry, or individual they have been assigned to represent, will be the most successful (and most rewarded) participants of our conference.

Committee Attendance

All delegates must attend each committee session in full unless the delegation's advisor has notified the JHUMUNC staff in advance of an extenuating circumstance that prevents a delegate from participating in committee. Each committee session will begin with a roll call attendance in order to determine which delegates are present and have been accounted for. Any delegate who arrives late to committee session must send a note to the Dais staff notifying them that he or she is present.

Pre-Written Resolutions Policy and Laptop Usage Policy

Pre-written documents, such as draft resolutions, directives, communiqu├ęs, and press releases, are strictly prohibited at JHUMUNC 2016. Writing these documents ahead of time and bringing them into committee session not only disadvantages other delegates, but also undermines the point of the simulation, which is the use of diplomacy and collective collaboration to solve the issues at hand. Any delegate who is discovered to have brought a pre-made version of one or more of the documents listed above into committee will be asked to leave committee for the rest of the session. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the conference.

To help us enforce this policy, the use of laptops is strictly prohibited (or, if a laptop is required in committee session because of extenuating circumstances, strictly monitored by the committee Chair) during committee session. Any delegate who needs to use a laptop during committee must bring a note signed by his or her advisor detailing why the student must use a laptop.

Pre-conference research and planning when formulating one's position and writing one's position paper are, on the other hand, highly encouraged!

Conference Conduct

These policies and others are outlined in Conference Preparation Guide, which is available for download in the Advisor Resources and JHUMUNC Resources sections of the JHUMUNC website. Failure to adhere to any of the policies listed in this guide may result in a delegate, advisor, or a delegation being expelled from the conference with no refund on any and all conference fees and possible suspension from future JHUMUNC conferences.

Delegate Waiver and Permission Form and Advisor Waiver Form

Each delegate is required to fill out a Delegate Waiver and Permission Form, while each advisor is required to fill out an Advisor Waiver Form. All forms must be completed prior to the start of JHUMUNC. We ask that each advisor distribute the Delegate Waiver and Permission Form to his or her students, and hand in the copies of that form along with the Advisor Waiver Form collectively upon arrival at the conference. The Delegate Waiver and Permission Form and the Advisor Waiver Form will be available to download from the Advisor Resources section of the JHUMUNC website this coming fall.

Weather Cancellation

JHUMUNC 2016 will occur from February 18th to February 21st, 2016 regardless of weather conditions. If a delegation chooses not to attend the conference because of inclement weather, we will be unable to provide a refund on either the Delegation fee or the Delegate fee.

Conference Security

Conference security is one of the primary concerns of the JHUMUNC staff. JHUMUNC and The Hilton Baltimore will not only have a dedicated 24-hour Security Team, but members of the JHUMUNC staff will be assigned to monitor each floor of the Hilton Hotel for all three nights of the conference. Curfew will be strictly enforced throughout the conference. Should any issue arise, JHUMUNC staff members on security duty shall contact the advisor of the delegates in question as well as the Secretaries-General notifying them of the situation. Any questions about conference security or any of the other policies listed above should be directed to

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