Social Events

Delegate Dance 2010.

What to do? Well, with a social event EACH night of the conference, there are always events the JHUMUNC delegate can attend!

After Thursday night's committee session, come attend Delegate Trivia Night! During the event representatives from each delegation will be able to team up and answer trivia questions related to international relations and Model UN lore for a prize! This event will be a great way to rep your school and meet other delegates, who will be hailing from around the world this year, and share one's experiences.

After Friday night's committee session, come attend JHUMUNC ReMIXed—an event that will feature exclusive performances by many of the outstanding music groups of Johns Hopkins.

Saturday night will feature the much-anticipated JHUMUNC Delegate Dance! A movie showing will be provided Saturday evening as well for delegates whom would prefer not to attend the dance.

We are striving to make each event both entertaining and accessible to all delegates. Please let us know whether there is anything else we can do to make that happen.