Meet the Secretariat and the Directorate

**Please check back soon for the JHUMUNC 2015 Secretariat and Directorate!**


Secretary General
Ian J. Hooley Hello JHUMUNC! My name is Ian Hooley and I am a rising junior here at Hopkins studying Materials Science & Engineering with a focus in biological materials engineering. I hail from Milan, Italy and have previously participated in JHUMUNC as the chair of the United Nations Development Program, chair of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Committee, as well as the director of ECOSOC Committees. In High School I also served as a delegate and traveled to conferences throughout the world including ones in Doha, Qatar and Dublin, Ireland. I actually became interested in international politics because of Italy's ridiculous ex prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and the various shenanigans he managed to brew up without ever suffering serious repercussions (both domestically and internationally). My favorite part of being involved in JHUMUNC is interacting with delegates such as yourself, so please feel free to approach me at any point throughout the conference. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Secretary General
Kithmina V. Hewage From JHU’s Class of 2014, I’m Kithmina Hewage – a rising senior, pursuing a double major in International Studies and Anthropology, and a Minor in Economics! I come from Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I gained most of my MUN experience in previous years – as a delegate and staff in many conferences in Sri Lanka and abroad, Secretary General at SLMUN, the largest Model UN in South Asia, and several regional simulations. In addition to chairing international conferences in several countries such as India and France, and how could I forget? – JHUMUNC 2011 and 2012, I have had the honor of serving you as Under-Secretary General of General Assemblies during JHUMUNC 2013. As Secretary General while ushering in a new era for JHUMUNC, we will continue to prioritize the delegate experience and strengthen the educational component of the conference. This means that, in addition to being interested in facilitating excellent debate, we are dedicated to adding a new level of depth to committees by crafting topics that help delegates learn about International Relations theory and practice. I believe that the success of all MUN conferences hinge on you, the delegate. So please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that could eventually lead to a better experience for you, at

Chief of Staff
Hey JHUMUNC, My name is Will Dorman and I am a rising junior at Hopkins pursuing a double major in History and Spanish, as well as a minor in Latin American Studies. I’m originally from Baltimore, and even attended JHUMUNC as a delegate on three occasions. My past staff positions include Chair of DISEC and Director of Programming. International politics have interested me ever since high school and I enjoy the ability to further pursue these interests through JHUMUNC. I look forward to helping to facilitate a wonderful JHUMUNC 2014 so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at

USG General Assemblies
My name is Vicky Plestis. I am a junior here at Hopkins studying international development and creative writing. I have lived all across the United States—New York, Texas and Oklahoma—but I am more than glad now to call Baltimore my home. I have been a part of Model U.N. since my freshman year of high school and a part of JHUMUNC since my freshman year of college. As a former delegate, chair, and now USG, I’m really excited to see you all at JHUMUNC 2014. Feel free to reach me, if ever needed, at

USG ECOSOC Committees
Hello everyone! My name is Alisha Jamil and I am a rising senior studying Neuroscience at Hopkins. I was born and raised in South Jersey where I began participating in MUN. I started out as a delegate in high school, so this will be my 8th year doing MUN! Previously in JHUMUNC, I have been crisis director of the World Health Organization, chair of the novice Peacekeeping Commission, and most recently, chair of the African Union. My goal is for delegates at JHUMUNC 2014 to have a positive and memorable experience, so please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at

USG Specialized Committees
Hello guys, My name is Kutay Muslu and I am excited to be your Under-Secretary General of Specialized committees for JHUMUNC 2014. I'm from Platteville, Wisconsin, and am currently a junior Biomedical Engineering and Economics double major at Hopkins. I was part of MUN all throughout high school, and this will be my fourth year with JHUMUNC. We have been working to put together an exceptional selection of committees for you this year, and we are looking forward to another great conference. Feel free to email any questions you may have about Specialized Committees to Thanks and see you next spring.

USG Specialized Committees
Hi everybody, my name is Robert Locke and I am a Public Health major in the Class of 2015. For JHUMUNC 2014 I will be serving as Under-Secretary General of Specialized Committees. This is my third year as a part of JHUMUNC having served as chair of both the Security Council and the Advisory Panel to the Security Council. I was also a delegate all four years of high school so I am committed to providing you the best Model UN experience you'll find anywhere! A little more about me, as I'm sure any of my friends could tell you I love all things Boston: the sports teams, the food, the history, the pride and all. I am hoping to go into a career in public service- either in local, state or federal politics or perhaps as a diplomat in the Foreign Service. If you have any questions about anything, send me an email at I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Hopkins and to Baltimore!

USG School Relations
Hello and welcome to JHUMUNC 2014! My name is Miliana and, along with Leah and Connor, I am your main point of contact for Registration and School Relations. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions as we excitedly prepare for the conference. We are excited to have you join us for what is sure to be our most successful conference to date, in an exciting new location! I am a senior from Maryland studying International Studies, Economics, and French. I am especially interested in gender and social policy. Please don't hesitate to send any questions about country assignments, payment, and conference details our way at We look forward to see you in February 2014!

USG Operations
Hello JHUMUNC! I am Fabrice Garnier and I am a rising senior with a Major in International Studies and a minor in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability here at Hopkins. I come from San José, Costa Rica, where I got most of my MUN experience and my interest in the environment and politics, but I also participated in Conferences in the United States. This will be my third year in the JHUMUNC team, and I am now the UnderSecretary-General of Operations for JHUMUNC 2014, running logistics and other behind the scenes work for the Conference. If you have any questions about the behind the scenes work I do at JHUMUNC, or anything else in particular, please send me an email to

USG Technology
Hello everybody, I'm Nick Gersh a rising senior majoring in political science and history here at Johns Hopkins University. I grew up in Mamaroneck, outside New York City, and never had the opportunity to participate in Model U.N. in high school. Despite this, I was lucky enough to become involved in Operations and Technology during JHUMUNC 2013. Our goal this year is to make the conference run even smoother behind the scenes. Ideally, you shouldn't even know I'm there. If you have any technology related questions send an email to

Sergeant at Arms
Hello. My name is Eli Wallach and I am a Freshmen majoring in International Studies and Sociology. I come from Berkeley, California and am a graduate of Berkeley High School where I was actively involved in programs such as Model United Nations and Youth and Government. As a Model UN delegate, I have attended conferences at both Stanford and UC Berkeley. Furthermore, I was a member of the Operations staff in 2013's JHUMUNC conference. This year, I will be serving as Sergeant at Arms for JHUMUNC. As Sergeant at Arms, I will be coordinating and overseeing the security of the conference to make sure that everyone is safe and present at the conference. I look forward to making this year's conference run as smoothly as possible. Feel free to contact me at with questions or concerns.


Director General Assemblies
Hello JHUMUNC 2014! My name is Julia Raphael and I’m a rising sophomore from LaGrange, NY, majoring in International Studies here at Johns Hopkins. This past year, I had the wonderful experience of serving on JHUMUNC staff as Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization. I participated in Model UN as a delegate all four years of high school. At JHUMUNC 2014, I’ll be serving as the Director of General Assembly. I hope to provide an excellent experience for all delegates at the conference, especially those in GA committees. Can’t wait to see you all in February! Contact at

Director ECOSOC Committees
Welcome to JHUMUNC 2014! My name is Dylan Cowit and I am a rising sophomore at Johns Hopkins double majoring in History and Psychology. I am originally from Long Island, New York, where I participated in Model United Nations throughout high school both as a delegate and the Secretary-General of my school’s conference. At JHUMUNC 2013 I had the distinct honor of chairing the Human Rights Council, an incredible experience that helped me cement my decision to eventually work as a human rights lawyer. This year I’m thrilled to serve as both the Director of ECOSOC Committees and the Chair of the 1946 Paris Peace Conference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Director Specialized Committees
I'm Rosie Grant, member of Johns Hopkins Class of 2016. I'm originally from Chicago, where I participated in Model UN all four years of high school (even as a delegate at JHUMUNC!). I'm currently pursuing an International Studies major and an Entrepreneurship & Management minor, with a potential concentration in international financial markets or global governance. As Director of Specialized, I'll be working closely with crisis staff and chairs to ensure our committees are both enjoyable and enriching for their participants. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Looking forward to meeting you all in February!

Director of Crisis
Hello and welcome to JHUMUNC 2014! My name is Erik Schmalbach and I am returning this year as the Director of Crisis for JHUMUNC. I am a rising senior, and an International Studies and Economics double major at Johns Hopkins University. I am originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, just across the bridge from Philadelphia. This is my third year of JHUMUNC; some of you may remember me as a Chair of House Baratheon for our popular Game of Thrones Quadrumvirate committees last year, and a member of the JHUMUNC crisis staff with the Quad the year before. With a lot of experience in crisis, I plan to continue the JHUMUNC tradition of dynamic committees via our crises cooked up by our crack crisis team. We some especially interesting committees this year, and we in crisis plan to keep everyone on their toes! If you have any questions or comments about crisis, don’t hesitate to email me at:

Director of the Quadrumvirate
My name is Nicholas Igo, and I'm a rising junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Chemistry with a concentration in pre-medical studies. I'm from Ayer, Massachusetts and have previously held the positions of Director of Joint Crisis Committee Russian Civil War: Whites, Chair of the Joint Crisis Committee The Final War of the Roman Republic: Rome, and now I am the Director of Quadrumvirate Committees! I had always wanted to join Model UN while in high school, but my school didn't have a MUN team, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to participate upon arriving to campus my freshman year. In an ever-changing world, I find it extremely relevant to maintain an interest in international politics. Following my undergraduate studies, I really wish to go abroad as a member of a foreign aid service, such as the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, and work to provide aid to those affected by the ceaseless unrest in regions of the world such as the Middle East and Sudan. Please feel free to email me at or the USGs of Specialized Committees if you have any questions about joint crisis committees or anything that could improve your Specialized JHUMUNC experience!

Director of School Relations
Hey JHUMUNC-ers! I’m Leah Barresi, a rising junior majoring in Public Health Studies with a pre-med focus. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. Love that dirty water! Previously in JHUMUNC I was the Director of School Relations, Chair of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and a dais member on the Roman Senate. When I’m not JHUMUNC-ing it up I’m serving on the board of the Hopkins College Democrats as the Director of Campaigns and Fundraising. I am also and active member of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women. If you can’t find me there I’m most likely in the library procrastinating by watching Game of Thrones. Miliana, Connor, and I work together to give you an enjoyable and easy registration process. We are here to make sure JHUMUNC is the best conference you and your students attend. If you ever have any questions about the conference, attendance, or registration, just e-mail us at We’re here to help!

Director of School Relations
Hello and welcome to JHUMUNC 2014! My name is Connor Kenehan. I am a rising sophomore in the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2016 pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Engineering for Sustainable Development. I come from Lake Forest, Illinois, and have previously served on Operations staff for JHUMUNC 2013. I speak for the entire Secretary and Directorate when I say that I am nothing short of thrilled to get the JHUMUNC 2014 ball rolling! In high school I debated extensively, finally defecting over to MUN in college. I hope you all continue to find it as exciting as I do! Contact me with questions, comments, and concerns at

Director of Operations
Hi all, my name is Kimiko Suzuki, a rising junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at Hopkins. My home is in Norfolk, Virginia, though I’ve lived in plenty of other places. Sure, I participated in High School conferences as a delegate, but I’ve really enjoyed working in JHUMUNC these past two years – one as a dais staff and the other in operations. Even though I’m a pre-medical student, I’m still incredible interested in Model United Nations, especially now as your Director of Operations. I help the Under- Secretary General of Operations, making sure the conference runs smoothly. This could be any thing from fighting a printer jam, to making sure we have all of the necessary equipment here and functioning. Please feel free to contact me at Can’t wait to see you there!

Director of Technology
Hello! My name is Nathan Bradley, I hail from the great state of Kansas. I am a rising senior here at Hopkins pursuing a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology. This is my third year working with JHUMUNC. My first year I was on Dias Staff, and this will be my second year as Director of Technology. I became interested in politics, both nation and international, through my high school debate team. At JHUMUNC 2013 it will be my job to make sure things are running smoothly so you can have the most realistic, organized conference experience possible. Contact at

Director of the Press Corps
Hi everyone! I'm Simone Weiss, Director of Press Corps for JHUMUNC 2014. I am a rising junior, double majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. I went to high school in Shanghai, China, but am originally from Austria. I was always drawn to MUN for its ability to bring together people from all over the world and to open eyes to new perspectives. This is my third year of JHUMUNC, and I have been involved with both Standing (in UNDP my first year) and Specialized (as chair for one of the Quad committees). I'm excited to use my experiences to revamp Press Corps, which is quite unique and different from any other committee in either Standing or Specialized. I'm looking forward to an awesome conference! Feel free to contact me at

Director of Programming
My name is Deanna Loh of the Class of 2015. I am studying Public Health with a pre-medicine track. I’m from sunny LA, and this will be my third great year with JHUMUNC. I’m involved in many aspects of campus life, and in the fall will assume the roles of Vice President of Finance of Pi Beta Phi and Co-President of Community Student Initiative. I have had many experiences with programming and organizing large events, and I look forward to creating a great experience for delegates.

Deputy Sergeant at Arms Hello! My name is Jonathan Schlecht and I am a rising sophomore at Johns Hopkins University studying Global Environmental Change and Sustainability. I'm from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where I got my start in MUN through my high school where I attended many conferences as a delegate and served as a chair for others. My first year in JHUMUNC, I was a dais staff member for the House of Targaryen in the Game of Thrones quadrumvirate. As this year's Deputy Sergeant at Arms, it is my job to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun JHUMUNC experience.

Director of Fundraising
Hello! My name is Lauren Yeh, and I am the director of Fundraising for JHUMUNC 2013! I am a rising junior at the Johns Hopkins University majoring in both International Studies and Economics. I am originally from France, where I have lived all my life and attended a French public school. Even though I was accepted in many colleges in France, my passion for international affairs issues and my dedication to politics have brought me to choose Johns Hopkins, where I am able to fully pursue my interests. This will be the third year I will be involved with JHUMUNC as I have previously been the director of SOCHUM in the 2012 conference and the chair of IDA in 2013. I look forward to meeting you all at the conference, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about our next conference at