Press Corps

Press Corps is responsible for documenting and reporting on all the goings-on during JHUMUNC, both during committee sessions and after hours.

Delegates will each represent one of five different news agencies from all over the world and across different types of media: BBC, Al Jazeera, the New York Times, The Onion, and WikiLeaks. Delegates from each news agency will work together to produce the daily publication at JHUMUNC, "Point of Information," including articles, editorials, and investigative reports, among others - be creative, anything goes!

Delegates will also be producing content in other forms of media, including online blog posts and video. Press Corps delegates will have unprecedented access to JHUMUNC in order to best cover all committees and after-committee activities from the perspective of their represented news agency. In addition, not only will Press Corps delegates merely observe and report the activities in other committees, but they may also work with JHUMUNC's own Crisis Staff to even influence breaking news stories in crisis committees.

Press Corps delegates may also be occasionally asked to attend Press Conferences that are held by other committees, and will get a chance to question other delegates and interact with each other in a whole new way.

Press Corps: Chair - Stefanie Seo