Frequently Asked Questions

For full payment and refund information please consult the ''Fees and Payment Policies Page'' under the ''Conference Tab''. If you have any additional questions that are not answered below please contact Sumukh Shetty, the Under-Secretary General of School Relations, at Thank you for your understanding and we greatly appreciate your continued interest in JHUMUNC.


Q: How does my account work?
A: JHUMUNC is proud to offer an online account system that will make work for advisors incredibly easy. In order to register for JHUMUNC, all advisors need to do is click on the "Registration" tab on the website and follow the steps on the page.

Once you have an account, you will be prompted to fill out three preferences pages. Once you fill out these pages you will only be able to update your contact information without having to contact the JHUMUNC staff. If you would like to increase or decrease the number of advisors or delegates you would like to bring to the conference, or change your country and committee preferences, you must contact the Undersecretary-General of School Relations, Sumukh Shetty, at

After you have filled out the three preferences pages, please take some time to review the Account Tools section of your account, located towards the top of the column on the left-side of the page. Below is a description of each feature of the Account Tools section. Please read all 7 descriptions below in order facilitate pre-conference preparation for JHUMUNC 2017.

  1. Profile--Select this button to return to the main page of your account, which lists your contact and invoice information for the conference.
  2. Change Password--Select this button to change the password you use to log in to your account.
  3. Preferences--Select this button to update your contact information. Please remember to contact the Undersecretary-General of School Relations to increase or decrease the number of advisors or delegates you would like to bring to the conference, or change your country and committee preferences.
  4. Pre-Conference Timeline--Select this button to view important dates in regards to pre-conference preparation.
  5. Book Hotel Rooms--Select this button to visit JHUMUNC's dedicated hotel-booking website where you can reserve hotel rooms for the conference.
  6. Position Assignment--Select this button to assign your delegates to a country or position and a committee once those assignments have been made (you will receive an e-mail confirming your assignments).
  7. Position Papers--Select this button to upload position papers on behalf of your delegates. Your delegates' position papers will be automatically e-mailed to the appropriate committee chair as soon as they are uploaded. Each position paper that you upload will be listed below the position-paper upload feature. Only delegates who upload position papers through our website are eligible for an award. The final day to upload a position paper to remain eligible for an award at JHUMUNC 2016 is Late January 2017 (Date TBA).

Q: Where do I send payment for delegation and delegate fees?
A: Please send your payments to:

Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference
Mattin Center Suite 210 Mailbox 204 3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?
A: We can only accept checks or money orders.

Q: What are the registration deadlines and conference fees?
A: Click here for Fees and Payment Policies section of the website.

NOTE: Country, position, and committee assignments WILL NOT be made on behalf of your delegation until we receive full payment.

Q: Is financial aid available?
A: At the moment, JHUMUNC is unable to provide financial aid. Our lower fees compa

Q: What is the conference refund policy?
A: The refund policy is as follows:
Before December 6th, 2016: Full refund on Delegate Fees December 6th - December 26th, 2016: 50% refund on Delegate Fees December 27th - January 15th, 2017: 25% refund on Delegate Fees After January 15th, 2017: No refund NOTE: The Delegation Fee is nonrefundable.

Q: Does the conference allow double delegations?
A: No, JHUMUNC does not allow double delegations (where two delegates represent one country on a given committee). We believe that each delegate should have the unique chance to take the role of a diplomat for the weekend.

Q: What is your policy on single-delegate delegations?
A: Our policy is that single-delegate delegations are allowed as long as the delegate is accompanied by an adult chaperon, such as a teacher or a parent. The chaperon is also responsible for registering the delegate for the conference and taking care of all financial obligations in regards to JHUMUNC that the delegate will have.

Q: Where is the conference hotel and what are its nightly rates?
A: The Hilton Baltimore, which is conveniently located in the Baltimore inner harbor (15 minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport), will serve as this year’s conference hotel. JHUMUNC has been able to obtain a group rate, which allows for dramatically reduced fees, which are as follows:

Single: $136 total per night
Double: $136 total per night
Triple: $136 total per night
Quad: $136 total per night

NOTE: Hotel fees DO NOT include the applicable hotel tax (currently 15.5%).

Please see the “Hotel” subsection of the “Conference” tab of the website for much more information about the hotel and the surrounding area.


Q: How can delegates prepare for the conference?
A: The best way for delegates to prepare for the conference is to research both their respective country and topics being discussed in committee. A delegate competent in both will be able to play a much more active role at the conference. Please see the “Resources” tab of the website for more information.

Q: When is the position paper deadline?
A: The deadline for position papers is late January 2017 (Date TBA). Only delegates who submit position papers by this date will remain eligible for awards at the conference. Additionally, any position paper submitted by the position-paper deadline will be returned to a delegate with feedback from a delegate's chair during the first committee session of the conference. Advisors must upload all position papers via their account (for more information on how to upload your delegates' position papers, please view the answer to the first question of the F.A.Q. section. "How does my account work?").

Q: How do I check to see whether I have successfully uploaded a position paper to the JHUMUNC website?
A: You can check to see which of your delegates' position papers have been uploaded by clicking the Position Papers button located under your Account Tools (which can be found on the top left side of your account) and looking under the Existing Papers section of the page. Under the Existing Papers section will be the delegate name, committee name, and link for each position paper uploaded to your account.

Q: Can delegates contact their Chair before the conference?
A: Yes, each Chair’s email address will be posted in the “Committees” tab of the website in the coming weeks. If for some reason a delegate has been unable to communicate with his or her Chair, please email

Q: What should delegates bring to the conference?
A: Delegates should bring enough Western Business Attire for four days, as well as whatever more casual clothes they will wear outside committee sessions. For females, Western Business Attire generally refers to suits, sweaters, blouses, button-down tops, skirts, and dresses. For males, suits, button-down or collared shirts, ties, and slacks are acceptable. In addition, delegates should bring whatever research they have conducted. Remember, computers are NOT allowed in committee sessions, so research delegates wish to consult during committee sessions should be printed at home.

Q: What is the conference schedule?
A: Please see the “Conference Schedule” subsection of the “Conference” tab on the website to view a full conference schedule. Please be aware that JHUMUNC reserves the right to make small changes to the conference schedule.


Q: What is a midnight crisis and does JHUMUNC have one?
A: I don't know! That's a great question...

Q: What should delegates bring to committee sessions?
A: Delegates should bring whatever research they have conducted. Remember, computers are NOT allowed in committee sessions, so research delegates wish to consult during committee sessions should be printed at home. Notepads will be available in committee rooms, along with pens for the delegates to use.

Q: Can delegates use a computer in committee sessions?
A: No, computers are NOT allowed in committee sessions because they represent an unfair advantage for those delegates who have them. That being said, delegates are free to use computers outside of committee sessions.

Q: What are the rules of procedure used in committee sessions?
A: In the coming weeks, a full set of Rules of Procedure for JHUMUNC will be uploaded to the “JHUMUNC Resources” subsection of the “Resources” tab on the website.


Q: What can delegates do outside of committee sessions?
A: Delegates have a wide variety of things to do when not in committee sessions. Each night, JHUMUNC will host a social event for delegates, culminating in the much-anticipated Delegate Dance on Saturday evening. Moreover, because the hotel is located in the heart of Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor, delegates have an immense amount of activities from which to choose. Please see the “Delegates” tab of the website for much more information.

Q: How much money should delegates bring for the weekend?
A: In order to ensure that delegates have enough money to eat, visit local attractions, and buy souvenirs, we recommend that delegates bring around $100 for the weekend. There are many restaurants and attractions in the Inner Harbor that are very affordable. With that said, Baltimore is a major city and hence bringing extra cash can never hurt.

Q. Is food for delegates provided by the conference?
A: JHUMUNC does not provide meals for delegates. Since the conference hotel is located in the Inner Harbor, there are a plethora of dining options within the immediate walking distance of the conference. Delegates can, of course, make use of in-room dining, which runs until 1 AM, in the hotel.

Q: What are the rules of the conference?
A: In order to maintain a professional and productive atmosphere, JHUMUNC requires all delegates to be in Western Business Attire during all committee sessions. At the same time, JHUMUNC does enforce a strict, but reasonable curfew each evening. Curfews will be announced during each committee session and JHUMUNC staff will patrol the hotel throughout each night to enforce curfews. Finally, and most importantly, drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden at the conference. JHUMUNC staff will confiscate any illegal substances and will report the offending delegate to his or her faculty advisor. JHUMUNC reserves the right to dismiss from the conference any delegate or delegation found to be in violation of the drugs and alcohol policy.

Q: What can faculty advisors do during the weekend?
A: Faculty advisors have a wide variety of things to do throughout the weekend. If they wish to visit the many local attractions, JHUMUNC staff can help them coordinate their plans. By contrast, if they wish to stay inside, faculty advisors will be able to relax and do work in the Faculty Advisor Lounge throughout the weekend.