Model UN Resources

Below are groups of links to online-research resources. These resources will help each delegate with his or her position-paper research. The websites listed below are also a great way to learn more about the world of international affairs!

This group of links focuses on general-reference and country-specific information:
The source for everything
Link to missions to the UN
Background, analysis, and some policy for countries from the U.S. State Department
Information (generally numerical) on countries and other political entities from the CIA
Facts, articles, and some analysis from The Economist
Country studies from the Library of Congress
Concise information on countries and international institutions from the BBC

This group of links focuses on think tanks:
Articles, background reports, and guides from the Council on Foreign Relations
The journal published by the Council on Foreign Relations
Research and articles from the Brookings Institute
Policy analysis and research from the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Programs and exchanges from the Americas Society
Exhibitions and other resources from the Asia Society
Policy programs, seminars, and more from the Aspen Institute
News and analysis from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Often unique and contrarian policy recommendations from the libertarian Cato Institute
Analysis on a broad range of issues from the liberal Center for American Progress
Information on technological issues from the Federation of American Scientists
Policy recommendations from the conservative Heritage Foundation
News, analysis, and recommendations on all conflicts from the International Crisis Group
Global security information from the International Institute for Strategic Studies
Foreign policy publication of the Institute for Policy Studies
Reports and policy recommendations from Chatham House
Publications from a pan-European organization
Very useful information regarding corruption from the leading think tank of its kind
Information and analysis on international conflict and security from a Swedish think tank

This group of links focuses on health, population, environment, and food information:
The main source for health issues from the World Health Organization
Statistics and useful information from the Global Health Council
Reports from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Papers and analysis from Oxfam International
Country reports and recent actions from UN HABITAT
Information related to AIDS from the UN
The UN’s source for information relating to the global population
General information on the world’s population from Population Action International
The main source for information on environmental issues from the UN
Climate change information from the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change
Information on desertification from the UN Convention to Combat Desertification
Articles and reports from the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Information on weather, climate, and water, from the UN Meteorological Organization
Reports from the UN World Food Program
Statistics and articles from the UN Food and Agricultural Organization

This group of links focuses on children, women, and education:
Reports, briefings, and country reports on children from the UN Children's Fund
All necessary information regarding children in armed conflict from the UN
Information on how young people live from the UN
Statistics, information, and reports on children’s rights from Human Rights Watch
Information on gender equality from the UN
Regional information and links to other resources from the UN
Information on gender issues from the UN Development Fund for Women
Information on gender equality from Human Rights Watch
Education information and links from the UN’s main education body

This group of links focuses on human rights:
The source for all human rights information and links to other sites from the UN
Country reports, briefings, and other information from the UN’s High Commissioner
Country reports and other general information from Human Rights Watch
Information and links from Amnesty International
Country reports on different types of rights and publications from Freedom House
Country reports and information from a group funded by the U.S. State Department
Country reports on human rights from the U.S. State Department

This group of links focuses on development, finance, trade, and poverty:
The main resource for development issues from the UN Development Programme
Information and links from the World Trade Organization
Country-related information and briefings from the International Monetary Fund,,pagePK:180619~theSitePK:136917,00.html
Country statistics and information from the World Bank Group
General information from the International Fund for Agricultural Development
Information on ongoing projects to alleviate poverty from UNESCO
Statistics and links from the UN Conference on Trade and Development
The list of UN regional commissions and links to their websites from the UN
The base for all resources relating to sustainable development from the UN
Articles and documents from the International Labour Organization
Links to specific projects and general information on industrial progress from the UN
Reports, publications, and statistics on development from OHRLLS
Information and reports on economic and social development from the UN

This group of links focuses on disarmament, security, and humanitarian affairs:
Links to anything related to peace and security from the UN
The biggest source of all information relating to disarmament and security from the UN
The largest resource from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Reports, articles, and other publications on disarmament from the UN
Reports and general information on the CTBT from the CTBT’s Preparatory Commission
The main source for atomic energy information from the IAEA
In-depth reports on all nuclear issues from the Nuclear Threat Initiative
All information on peacekeeping from the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations
Reports and general information regarding landmines from the UN
Country reports on landmines from the International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Links to major pages regarding terrorism from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
Useful links to all things related to terrorism and security from the UN
A Large resource of country reports, articles, and analysis from Global Security
The main resource for information related to refugees from the UN
Links to all possible information regarding humanitarian affairs from the UN
News and articles on all humanitarian emergencies from the UN
Humanitarian policy from the UN Children’s Fund
Reports on all humanitarian crises from ReliefWeb, a group affiliated with the UN

This group of links focuses on international law, international trade law, and intellectual property rights:
The major resource for all things related to international law from the UN
Documents, decisions, and all other information regarding the ICJ from the UN
All information regarding the International Criminal Court from the ICC
Publications and explanations of law from the International Law Commission
The source for all things related to trade law from the UN
Information on intellectual property from the World Intellectual Property Organization
A guide to the TRIPS Protocol and other intellectual property issues from the WTO